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Intellij IDEA configuration

ktlint strives to prevent code formatting conflicts with IntelliJ IDEA / Android Studio as much as possible. In some cases, ktlint deliberately deviates from IDEA formatting.

Preventing conflicts

Many conflicts can be prevented by setting following .editorconfig settings:

root = true

insert_final_newline = true

ij_kotlin_code_style_defaults = KOTLIN_OFFICIAL

#  Disable wildcard imports entirely
ij_kotlin_name_count_to_use_star_import = 2147483647
ij_kotlin_name_count_to_use_star_import_for_members = 2147483647
ij_kotlin_packages_to_use_import_on_demand = unset

Conflicts between ktlint and IDEA formatting can also be resolved by using the ktlint-intellij-plugin (or install via Intellij IDEA plugin marketplace) in distract free mode. In this mode, the plugin formats your code with ktlint while you're editing the code.

Cleaning up old XML configuration settings

Projects which have been created with (old)er versions of Intellij IDEA might still contain XML configuration regarding code styling. It is advised to remove the directory .idea/codeStyles whenever it still exists in your project directory.