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Command Line Reference

plank [options] file1 file2 ...

General Options

Option Description
lang Comma separated list of target language(s) for generating code. Values supported: objc, flow, java. Default: objc
output_dir Specifies the directory where Plank will write generated files
print_deps Displays schema dependencies for any schemas passed as arguments and then exits (i.e. for pin.json return user.json, board.json, and image.json separated by colons)
indent Define a custom indentation width. Default “4” for Objective-C, Java and “2” for Flow
no_recursive Only generates files passed in on the commandline (i.e. for pin.json only generate Pin.m and Pin.h)
only_runtime Only generates runtime files and exits
no_runtime Avoids generating runtime files
help Displays usage documentation
version Displays version


Option Description
objc_class_prefix Specifies a prefix to append to the beginning of all classes (i.e. PIN for PINUser)


Java support is experimental at this time

Option Description
java_package_name The package name to associate with generated Java sources. Example “–java_package_name=com.pinterest.models”